Why Do You Want to Come to Santa Barbara
    Graduate School?

            7:59     2004
A Collaborative work with Maxine Heller, who wrote and read the text. Seems like Maxine's ex's mom wanted him to straighten up and go to graduate school, specifically Santa Barbara Graduate School in his home town. He didn't want to go but to get Mom off his back, he applied. To assure his failure he asked Maxine to write a bogus essay in answer to the titular question. Alas, the admissions officer loved it and he had to go back to school.
Recording: elektramusic: Electroacoustic Music Volume 02
Performance: International Computer Music Conference, University of Miami, 2004;
SEAMUS Conference, Ball State University, 2005;
Le Bruit de la Neige festival, Annecy, France, 2009
Broadcast: elektramusic RadioShow for Experimental Music, Bourges, France, 2007
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