Exotic Fruits
            1:00     2003
From Carmen Miranda's hat?
Recording: 60x60 (2004 - 2005)
Performances: 60X60 2004, sponsored by Vox Novus, Several venues, 2003: Under St. Marks, New York;
Birmingham-Southern College, Alabama;
Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis;
National University of Music, Bucharest;
Sydney Conservatorium, Sydney Australia; 2004-2006.
Later venues: LOOP Videoart Festival, Barcelona, 2010.
As part of 60X60 Order of Magnitude mix: 60X60 Dance, FOFA Gallery,Concordia University, Montreal, 2010
Broadcasts: Martian Gardens, WMUA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, July 22, 2007 and February 7, 2010;
Electroshock, Radio Kolomna, Kolomna, Russia, March 2010
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