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Who, What, Why: About the composer
The compositions
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     Chronological list of all works
          Access pages for individual works here.
Series, sets and oddities
     Propaganda series
     The Rhythmicon
          Rhythmiconic Sections and other rhythmicon works
          The frame
          The virtual rhythmicon environment
          Structural analysis
          Harmonic analysis
          Multiple rhythmicons
          Compositional methods and further observations
          The rhythmicon calculator
     ACEG: The Ancient Chinese Enclosing Game:
               A compositional matrix
          Ancient Chinese Enclosing Game: compositions
          The Story of Jocks
     Facts about Air
     Interior Landscape
     The Bizarre Sentences Project
CD Releases
     CDs and CD compilations
          Interior Landscape
          Facts about Air
          Life after College
          Rhythmiconic Sections

     Fiber home
Who, What, Why: About the weaver
The works
     Look: slide show
     Old works (1973 - 1988)
          Access pages for individual old works here.
     New works (2014 -)
Processes and sets (old works)
     Triaxial weave and braiding
     Blended weaves
Lifework: the ongoing mega project

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