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Click the work title for information about the piece.
PROPAGANDA, RHYTHMICON, ACEG, JOCKS, AIR, INTERIOR LANDSCAPE, BIZARRE and GEEZERTRONICS link to pages about series that include the work or other circumstances.
Deliriously Happy, Fully Insured 2015 10:00 Listen LISTEN   GEEZERTRONICS
18th on a Single Speed 2015 10:00 Listen LISTEN   GEEZERTRONICS
Geezer on Acid 2015 10:00 Listen LISTEN   GEEZERTRONICS
Geezertronics 2014 10:00 Listen LISTEN   GEEZERTRONICS
Bizarre Bazaar 2013 9:15   Listen LISTEN   BIZARRE
Wild Man [treatment of poem by David Adès] 2013 3:25   Listen LISTEN
Clack 2013 8:34   Listen LISTEN   INTERIOR LANDSCAPE
Parade Fade 2013 3:53   Listen LISTEN   INTERIOR LANDSCAPE
Can't Get There from Here 2013 3:53   Listen LISTEN   INTERIOR LANDSCAPE
At the Hot Dog Dam 2012 7:51   Listen LISTEN   INTERIOR LANDSCAPE
Christmas in Hanoi 2011 7:42   Listen LISTEN   PROPAGANDA
Velvet Head Arrangement 2009 6:00   Listen LISTEN
Snow 2009 8:32   Listen LISTEN   AIR
Olbum's Furniture 2008 7:33   Listen LISTEN   AIR
A Little Noise Goes a Long Way 2007 5:48   Listen LISTEN   AIR
Wheel 2007 1:00   Listen LISTEN   AIR
Fourth Quarter: Time Is a Factor 2006 6:00   Listen LISTEN   JOCKS
Commercial 3: There's That Fly Again 2005 2:00   Listen LISTEN   JOCKS
Halftime Intermission: T. Watkins 2005 8:00   Listen LISTEN   JOCKS
Commercial 1: Shoo Fly 2005 1:00   Listen LISTEN   JOCKS
First Quarter: They're All a Bunch of Jocks 2005 10:00  Listen LISTEN   JOCKS
Pregame Show: Five Is Going to Do It 2004 6:00   Listen LISTEN   JOCKS
Hopheads with Icepicks 2003 3:00   Listen LISTEN   ACEG
Birthday 2003 5:00   Listen LISTEN
Sufficiency of Evidence 2002 3:00   Listen LISTEN   ACEG
Direction of Gravity 2002 8:00   Listen LISTEN   ACEG
Spin Cycle 2002 7:00   Listen LISTEN
The Influence of the Nickelodeons 2002 5:35   Listen LISTEN   PROPAGANDA
Positions of Effective Proximity 2000 0:00   Listen LISTEN
Expect Delays 2001 8:00   Listen LISTEN
New Traffic Patterns 2001 8:00   Listen LISTEN
Violation: Time Expired 2000 5:22   Listen LISTEN   RHYTHMICON
Pork with Ham 2000 3:44   Listen LISTEN   RHYTHMICON
The Llama Strut 2000 3:16   Listen LISTEN   RHYTHMICON
Screws in Their Shoes 1999 4:26   Listen LISTEN   RHYTHMICON
The Garbanzo Poem 1999 1:52   Listen LISTEN   RHYTHMICON
Wave Motion Machine 1999 0:42   Listen LISTEN   RHYTHMICON
Malfunction 54 1998 0:56   Listen LISTEN   RHYTHMICON
All the Way with LBJ 1998 7:40   Listen LISTEN   PROPAGANDA
WorkPayObey 1997 9:00   Listen LISTEN   PROPAGANDA

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Usage note

The Mp3 files accessible from this page are protected by copyright. If you want to use them as they are please contact me. However, if you want to sample from these works and mutate, permute and mutilate bits and scraps for your own creative purposes, I encourage you to do so. In the end, it's all one big project.

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