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Rhythmiconic Sections

Rhythmiconic Sections CD cover In 1931, Henry Cowell commissioned Leon Theremin to build a device that would link beats to the harminic series, as Cowell had proposed in his book, New Musical Resources. He called it the Rhythmicon. Using a keyboard, for every one beat of the fundamental, the second harmonic beat twice, the third three times, the fourth four times, and so on, through the 16th harmonic. The device was not successful, but the concept, realized on the computer, lives on in Rhythmiconic Sections. Read more about the Rhythmicon (archived).
Rhythmiconic Sections 2002, CD, AUR
24 short works, 71 minutes of music.
Available: Directly from AUR or by email request

The Music

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1. Albert's Bicycle 0:14
2. Tape Worm Trap 0:28
3. Wave Motion Machine 0:42   Listen LISTEN
4. Malfunction 54 0:56   Listen LISTEN
5. Lift Service Temporarily Suspended 1:10
6. Nearly Behaving Badly 1:24
7. Cave Rescue Apparatus 1:38
8. The Garbanzo Poem 1:52   Listen LISTEN
9. Great Gift Idea! 2:06
10. Accidental TV 2:20
11. The Turnip Session 2:34
12. Mammals in Love 2:48
13. Poodles in Distress 3:02
14. The Llama Strut 3:16   Listen LISTEN
15. The Sensitive Mule 3:30
16. Pork with Ham 3:44   Listen LISTEN
17. The Circassian Chicken Dispute 3:58
18. Head Roll Compensation 4:12
19. Screws in Their Shoes 4:26   Listen LISTEN
20. Wave Motion Machine II 4:40
21. Maxine's Buzz 4:54
22. Dead Umbrellas 5:08
23. Violation: Time Expired 5:22   Listen LISTEN
24. The Moving Walk Is Nearing Its End 5:36

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Usage note

The Mp3 files accessible from this page are protected by copyright. If you want to use them as they are please contact me. However, if you want to sample from these works and mutate, permute and mutilate bits and scraps for your own creative purposes, I encourage you to do so. In the end, it's all one big project.

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