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[October, 2011: Rhythmicon pages archived, no longer updated or maintained.]

The Rhythmicon The Rhythmicon: The Rhythmicon Calculator

Rhythmicon sounds created in Kyma include scripts that calculate the frequencies of the harmonics and timing of the beats. However, to time other sounds to hit at a particular beat of a particular harmonic it may be necessary to calculate the beat time externally. If many such timings are planned this involves numerous repetitions of the same set of simple calculations. Determining the timing of the "beats" in the Ancient Chinese Enclosing Game Compositional Matrix involves the same calculations. Thus this program: rmcalc.exe

For a given start time and measure length the program outputs the absolute beat lengths in seconds and the beat times (relative to the start time) in SMPTE. Output can be directed to the screen for a quick check or to a text file for printing.


There are three files compressed into rmcalc.zip. The code (rmcode.txt, written in C++) and the program (rmcalc.exe) may be freely used and distributed as long as the readme file (readme.txt) stays with them. Since the output text file (rmcalc.txt) goes to the folder where you put the program I suggest you make a new folder for rmcalc and unzip the compressed file there.

If you'd like to know more about the program and see a sample of the output, open the readme file.


Download the zip file here:


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