Vertumnus Appears Before Pomona in the Guise of a Cyclist
            152.5 X 206cm (60 X 81ins)     2018
            tapestry, 12 epi

             Vertumnus and Pomona, full view Vertumnus and Pomona, detail 1 Vertumnus and Pomona, detail 2 Vertumnus and Pomona, detail 3
At its heart this piece celebrates forty years of marriage to Maxine Heller. It also acknowledges my debt to traditional European narrative tapestries. Specifically, the formal structure of the piece, the border and other elements are modeled after a set of seven tapestries designed by Pieter Coecke van Aelst woven in Brussels in the 1530s. They tell the story from Ovid of Vertumnus and Pomona. Vertumnus appears before Pomona in various guises to win her heart; a vintner, a fisherman, a fruit picker, etc. My piece adds a chapter and modernizes the story. The title is represented in the banderole as an amplitude waveform. This is a nod to my many years of working with sound.
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