Lifework Phase 2
            150 X 259cm (59 X 102ins)     2014
            pile weave

             Lifework, full view Lifework, detail 1 Lifework, detail 2 Lifework, detail 3 Lifework, detail 4
On the loom from 1988 - 2014 as an exploration of process vs product, the conception grew as the piece progressed. Marking the deaths of family members, people and cats, from early in the process first suggested the lifework idea (see detail 4, memorial markers for Stash, the cat with the golden aura, and Shirley Ammons Mooney). That germ has flowered backward and forward in time and will continue as a sound work.
Exhibited: Awakening, The Artsmiths, Mt. Lebanon, PA, March 5 - April 1, 2017
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