Dissolution of the I Faculty
            77 X 119cm (30 X 49in)     1979
            tapestry and plain weave; wool and linen, linen warp

             Dissolution of the I Faculty, full view Dissolution of the I Faculty, detail 1 Dissolution of the I Faculty, detail 2
The loss of ego experienced in certain enhanced states is perfectly described by the title, a phrase from the Bhagavad Gita.
Exhibited: Tapestries II (two person show with Maxine Heller), Unicorn Gallery, Baltimore, 1979; Tapestries III (two person show with Maxine Heller, Gellman Room, Richmond Virginia, 1982; Three Rivers Arts Festival (Honorable mention award), Pittsburgh, 1982; People, 1 Oxford Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 1985
Published: Fiberarts Design Book, 1980
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