Border Fragment
            32 X 53 cm (12.5 X 20.5ins)     2015
            tapestry with stitching

             Border Fragment, full view Border Fragment, detail 1
By the 16th Century borders had become an important element in the design of tapestries. This fragment, the lower right corner of the missing Lost Cyclist tapestry, demonstrates how images and symbols in the border reflect the primary subject matter of the tapestry. Here we see the cyclist riding toward what appears to be a rift in the fabric of time and space.
Exhibited: Kaleidoscope, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, November 5 - 28, 2015; Pop des Fleurs at the Hermann Museum, John A. Hermann, Jr. Memorial Art Museum, March 4 - April 28, 2016; Gender Bender: Women in Wood, Men at the Loom, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA, October 21, 2017 - March 11, 2018; Old and New Works by Maxine Heller and David Mooney, Sewickley Public Library, Sewickley, PA, August 12 - September 15, 2018
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