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As the sounds fade, fiber re-emerges.

The Anatomy Lesson 2018   81 X 89cm (32 X 35in)
tapestry, 12 epi
The Anatomy Lesson, full view The Anatomy Lesson, detail 1 The Anatomy Lesson, detail 2
Vertumnus Appears Before Pomona in the Guise of a Cyclist 2018   152.2 X 206cm (60 X 81in)
tapestry, 12 epi
Vertumnus and Pomona, full view Vertumnus and Pomona, detail 1 Vertumnus and Pomona, detail 2 Vertumnus and Pomona, detail 3
Two Lizards and Two Davids 2018   71 X 93cm (28 X 36.5in)
split warp tapestry
Two Lizards and Two Davids, full view Two Lizards and Two Davids, detail Two Lizards and Two Davids, detail
David Adès: The Australian Poet 2017   26 X 26cm (10 1/4 X 10 1/4in)
split warp tapestry
David Adès, full view David Adès, detail
Marco and Us 2017   68.5 X 95cm (27 X 37.5in)
split warp tapestry
Marco and Us, full view Marco and Us, detail 1 Marco and Us, detail 2
Party Stupor 2016   25 X 25cm (10 X 10in)
split warp tapestry
Party Stupor, full view Party Stupor, detail 1 Party Stupor, detail 2
Border Fragment 2015   32 X 53cm (12.5 X 20.5in)
tapestry with stitching
Border Fragment, full view Border Fragment, detail 1
Lifework Phase 2 2014   150 X 259cm (59 X 102in)
pile weave
memorial markers key (pdf)
Lifework, full view Lifework, detail 1 Lifework, detail 2 Lifework, detail 3 Lifework, detail 4
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