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An interest in the challenge of blending two or more weaving processes in a single work began at the Fibreworks Workshop in Greece in 1978. We visited an exhibit that included Coptic weaving. Some of these pieces combined plain weave with tapestry, a blend I imitated during the workshop in a small piece appropriately titled Coptic. This particular blend of techniques led to works such as Dissolution of the I Faculty, Polarized Brother, Walter B. Cannabis: Incognito, and others. The combination of tapestry with rya or pile weave shows up in the works Go with the Flow, Leaf, and others. Some studies and the single work Purple Haze (Portrait of Art Spencer) combined plain weave and pattern weave with tapestry. The most challenging of the blended weaves was tapestry and triaxial braiding. California Effects and Still Grateful are examples. The blended works are listed on the Old Works page.

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