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CD releases

When requesting self releases via email, please specify which CD you want.

Geezertronics CD cover

LARVA08: Geezertronics 2015, CDR, self release
      A little music for the old folks.
      Available: By email request

Interior CD cover

LARVA07: Interior Landscape 2013, CDR, self release
      A one hour long twisted landscape.
      Available: By email request

Facts about Air CD cover

LARVA06: Facts about Air 2009, CDR, self release
      Selected works composed 2004 - 2009.
      Available: By email request

Jocks CD cover

LARVA05: Jocks 2006, CDR and 60 page illustrated
      book, self release
      A fixed music opera in the fourth person for disintegrating tape and digital
      audio workstation in collaboration with Mark Mooney.
      Available: By email request

Life After College CD cover

LARVA04: Life after College 2003, CDR, self release
      Selected works composed 2000 - 2003.
      Available: By email request

Rhythmiconic Sections CD cover

Rhythmiconic Sections 2002, CD, AUR
      24 short works, 71 minutes of music.
      Available: Directly from AUR
      or by email request

Propaganda CD cover

LARVA02: Propaganda 1998, CDR, self release
      The original batch of propaganda pieces composed 1995 - 1998.
      Available: By email request

[no image available]

LARVA01: Slow Trancing/Dig the Hipster 1995,
      analog cassette, self release
      Works composed 1992 - 1994.
      Available: This is out of print, but if you are seriously interested, I can
      burn you a copy minus "Dig the Hipster" (for reasons of copyright).
      Send me email


Electroacoustic Music vloume 02 CD cover

elektramusic: Electroacoustic Music Volume 02 2007
      An international selection of works released by elektramusic, Bourges,
      France. The collection includes my collaborative piece with Maxine Heller,
      "Why Do You Want to Come to Santa Barbara Graduate School?"
      Available: From elektramusic

SEAMUS Electroclips CD cover

Music from SEAMUS 20 year Anniversary 1984 - 2004: The SEAMUS 20th Anniversary Electroclips Contest 2007
      For its 20th anniversary, SEAMUS solicited short compositions to be
      based on recordings made at a former SEAMUS conference. The recordings
      asked respondents how the acronym "SEAMUS" should be pronounced. This
      disk is a compilation of the results, including my piece, The Worm's Turn.
      Available: Out of print

60X60 2004 CD cover

60X60 2004 2007
      The disc contains the 2004 version of Vox Novus's 60X60 series, including
      my work "Exotic Fruits", a composition extracted from the third iteration of
      the Ancient Chinese Enclosing Game Compositional Matrix.
      Available: Disc or download at CDBaby.

60X60 2003 CD cover

60X60 2004
      The disc contains the 2003 version of Vox Novus's 60X60 series. 2003 was
      the first year of the series. The compilation includes my work "Ducks in
, a composition extracted from the third iteration of the Ancient
      Chinese Enclosing Game Compositional Matrix
      Available: Capstone Records.

Disc Contact III CD cover

DISContact! III 2003
      "Studs Gone Bad", a piece extracted from the first iteration of the Ancient
      Chinese Enclosing Game Compositional Matrix
, is included on this CEC
      release of short works ("electroclips").
       Available: electrocd.com.

Presence III CD cover

Presence III 2002
      The third Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) compilation of
      contemporary electroacoustic works includes "Rhythmiconic Section 14:
      The Llama Strut"
along with works by 27 other composers
      Available: electrocd.com.

evsc1:01 CD cover

evsc1:01 2002
      This compilation CD from expanding records collects works originally
      released on a series of nine 7" vinyl discs. The nineth disc contains a
       selection from Rhythmiconic Sections on one side and remixes by Benge
      and Stendec on the other. The compilation CD includes "Malfunction 54."
      Available: expanding records, download only.

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