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Bizarre Bazaar
"Bizarre Bazaar" is the composition derived from the sentences.
      Bizarre Bazaar    2013 9:15   Listen LISTEN  
Sentences as originally recorded:
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Missing numbers were sentences not selected from the 60 available during
the time allowed.

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What the . . .?

About 40 years ago Maxine Heller and I, with the help of assorted relatives and friends, began collecting sentences with the word "bizarre" in it. This silliness was inspired by the spoken phrase, "No one could understand our bizarre relationship," on a Frank Zappa album, and by the Bizarre Bazaar held at a local church. We collected the sentences as source material for a graphic arts project in which the sentences would weave around, crossing each other, forming multi-sentence nodes at the common word "bizarre." That version never materialized but it has long seemed obvious that some sort of treatment of the sentences would work as a text-based sound project. 40 years later I finally got around to it.

Sixty sentences were selected from the approximately 300 originally collected. A small scale "crowd source" approach gathered recordings of 38 sentences.

Cyclist in Lizard Suit border=

Format note

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Usage note

The Mp3 files accessible from this page are protected by copyright. If you want to use them as they are please contact me. However, if you want to sample from these works and mutate, permute and mutilate bits and scraps for your own creative purposes, I encourage you to do so. In the end, it's all one big project.

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