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[This page is archived. It is no longer updated or maintained.]

Facts About Air

Facts about Air CD cover Air is compressible and elastic.
It transmits sound.
As compressed air it is used to transmit mechanical power.
It can also be liquified and even reduced to a solid...
...provided the temperature be made sufficiently low.
LARVA06: Facts about Air 2009, CDR, self release
Selected works composed 2004 - 2009.
Available: By email request

The music

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1. Facts about Air, part 1 2008 1:00
2. Chasers 2005 10:08
3. Wheel 2007 1:00   Listen LISTEN
4. WMD: Naming Names 2004 6:55
5. A Little Noise Goes a Long Way 2007 5:48   Listen LISTEN
6. Olbum's Furniture 2008 7:33   Listen LISTEN
7. Hairpin 2006 1:00
8. What's Absent Is Present 2007 8:33
9. Catacoustics 2005 1:00
10. Pivot Seal and Gasket 2006 6:47
11. Snow 2009 8:32   Listen LISTEN
12. Facts about Air, Part 2 2009 6:26

Format note

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Usage note

The Mp3 files accessible from this page are protected by copyright. If you want to use them as they are please contact me. However, if you want to sample from these works and mutate, permute and mutilate bits and scraps for your own creative purposes, I encourage you to do so. In the end, it's all one big project.

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